Washington Galleries - Bus Station Completed on Site
28 October 2008

Washington Galleries - Bus Station Completed on Site



The bus station at the Washington Galleries Centre designed by Jefferson Sheard opened its doors to passengers on Thursday 9th October 2008. With over 1100 buses travelling to the shopping centre each day, the new station has been designed to offer easier access to customers travelling via public transport.

The new facility, which replaced the existing dark, "tin shed" bus station, provides passengers with bright, safe waiting areas. It is also fitted with automated doors providing improved passenger safety, disabled toilet facilities and electronic bus service information.

The new station incorporates provision for eight bus stands and two drop-off stands in a shallow sawtooth arrangement. The fully glazed concourse building has been designed to maximise internal circulation and comfortable waiting space on a very constricted site whilst still permitting the provision of new escalators, lift and stairs enabling easy access to the existing Galleries Shopping Centre.

Councillors Peter Wood and James Blackburn for Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Authority (PTA) declared the bus station officially open. Children from George Washington Primary and Oxclose Village Primary Schools in Washington arrived at the state-of-the-art bus station in an open to bus to celebrate in appropriate style.

The construction of the £2m facility was built as part of a £20m redevelopment of the Galleries Centre including a large new retail park.